Weirdest Pieces of Real Estate on Zillow
Jenna Gnieski Written By: Jenna Gnieski

Weirdest Pieces of Real Estate on Zillow


We’ve written about the coolest pieces of real estate in the world. Now, we’re writing about the weirdest pieces of real estate on Zillow. 

From the outside looking in, these houses appear to look normal, but in fact have some interesting interiors. Let’s take a look at some of the weird, wild, and just plain creepy pieces of real estate on Zillow. 


Adventures in Wonderland


We’re starting strong with this purple and red 3 bedroom home in Seattle, Washington. Upon viewing the exterior of the house, there is immediately so much to unpack. The Lewis Carroll-esque style carries its way throughout the interior of the house as well. Just take a look at the swirled wooden floors and damask wallpaper in the kitchen. It’s an interesting combination to say the least, and very reminiscent of Alice falling down the rabbit hole. 

The further you travel into this house, the closer you get to finding the White Rabbit. While this house is full of colorful design choices, the boardgame ceiling takes the cake. We’re sure the Queen of Hearts would love to control the game pieces in this room. 

While this house is perfect for someone, it’s definitely not for us. We’re not even sure Alice would make an offer.


Aye Aye Captain


This boat, I mean house, is uncharted territory for us. Pun intended. For a whopping $750,000, you get 2,633 sq.ft., 5 beds, 2.5 baths and a stunning view of Lake Huron and Saginaw Bay. Let’s take a deeper dive into Michigan’s famous waterfront property.

Originally built in 1936, the property has since seen upgrades to the entire roof, upper aft deck and bow. It even comes complete with a helm so you can pretend you’re sailing off into the sunset every night. Lastly, it comes with new central heating and septic systems, as well as a dock for a *real* boat out front.

This posting gave us just a taste of what the rest of the house has to offer. Buoy, we can’t wait to see what the captain’s quarters look like!


Gable x 7


Designed by the famed architecture firm Jacobsen Architecture, this pavilion-style house with gable forms is sure to catch anyone’s eye. Commenters have used words such as “nesting doll,” “retractable,” and “telescopic” to describe the property.

The exterior of the house is perfect - almost too perfect where it gives off an eerie vibe. I could see this as the setting for a horror movie, especially since it’s located in a rural area of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. P.S. If anyone knows Jordan Peele, tell him we have a great film idea for him.


The King’s Court


This medieval castle is fit for royalty. Located in Woodstock, Connecticut, this home was recently listed at $60m. It comes complete with ornate arches, bridges and - the best part - a moat. We’re not sure what invaders are located in Connecticut, but it sure adds to the value and character of the home. 

We heard that as soon as you step foot in this castle, you immediately revert to speaking Middle English vernacular. How could you not when the great hall, kitchen, bed chambers and lavatory are all immaculately designed? 

If you like this castle, you may find yourself throwing down the gauntlet and dueling other bidders. May the best knight win!


The Old Mill


For $1,990,000, you can own this old mill house in Clemmons, North Carolina. We’re assuming this was one hefty (and expensive) adaptive reuse project.

The exterior seems to be functioning and holding up well despite its antiquity. On the inside, you’d never guess that it had such modern interiors. The 19th century millhouse workers would surely be pleased by the transformation of their workplace. 

You either love this house or you hate it. One commenter wrote, “I wonder if it smells as moldy as it looks.” Personally, we think it’d be pretty cool to live here.


Party in the Front, Business in the Back


Apparently walking into your home is overrated. At this Texas property, put on your pool floaties because swimming is required. We’re only kidding, but imagine tripping over the door threshold and falling into the pool.

It might seem like this property is located in Florida or somewhere tropical. With all the seashell and beach knick knacks, we can see why. If you’re in Texas and looking for a getaway, this 4 bed, 4 bath house is on the market for $849,000.

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