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It's hard to invest in real estate without needing to become someone's landlord.

With Birgo's Reiturn, you can invest in exceptional and exclusive multifamily real estate without the hassles of direct ownership - all while improving thousands of tenants' lives.

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Your reservation does not constitute a commitment. Reiturn will use the information provided to contact you upon SEC qualification of the offering. A reservation does not entitle you to receive any portion of the offering.

Invest in a Team With a Clear Track Record



Worth of properties carefully chosen by our expert team



Annual return with cash-flowing real estate



Net dividends distributed to investors



Families provided with high-quality property management

How It Works?

We strategically purchase properties that fit specific criteria in our target geography. Our team improves the property and implements efficiencies that impact the bottom line and enhances the lives of tenants and communities.

By investing, you can maximize returns while promoting social good. Watch the video to see our investment strategy in action.

Own property in minutes


Invest your preferred amount

Become a property owner for a low minimum of $500. Receive immediate access to property and fund performance.


We build your portfolio

Be a hands-free landlord. Our team of experts acquires and operates the assets.


Watch your portfolio grow

Enjoy quarterly dividends and consistent reporting. Easily adjust invested amount at any time.

Smarter Real Estate Investing for the Everyday Investor

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